Random Random Thoughts!!

Is there something called “True Love”? or is it something that cease to exist?? What i feel, what you feel, is there any way it is relevant at all?? To you, To me, To nature… To all those whom we love and they wont love us back.. Is it necessary to die for them?? Is it necessary to cry for them?? Is it necessary to give them any importance at all??? Why are we like this? Is there nothing we can do about our these stupid feelings??

I try to find closure but i get none.. I am amazed how this world works, how you work, how i work.. The feelings of superiority, the feelings of hatred, the feeling of remorse.. Should we give any importance to them then the feelings of love, the feeling of attachments? Why are we like this..

The human nature is beyond my understanding.. Hell, i can’t even understand my own feelings! These Damn Feelings of mine change like the wind. For a moment its here and the second, its gone.. Whooosh! just like that. Is there any way to understand how a human mind works.. I feel so lonely and then i am not! its horrible. Humans are weak. They can’t even control their own emotions. Ah! i wish i could at least control mine..

Maybe we are meant to be like that. You can’t really argue with the nature anyway. So, i guess we have to  bear with it and open our heart to someone who deserves it! One might not know who to trust but i guess if i open my heart, i might find the One.. 🙂


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