Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

Feels Like someone Poured a Rain of colors Here!
Grab your Brush and canvas, head towards China. 🙂

Credits: Whoever Took This Picture For Us To See:)


Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest, Germany

This Place is like straight out of Fairy Tales! Totally Amazing!
P.S. This one is for all the likers of my posts and blogs. Your Likes Inspire me. ^_^ Thank You 🙂

Credits: Whoever Took This Picture for us to See 🙂

Chain Reaction.. Of Pics…

Hey there! After a long time, i am blogging here. Because i found these totally amazing places and i wanted to share them with everyone.

I haven’t visited any of these places but i sure as hell would love to. My next few posts would be Pics of those places. So Look forward to it because i know you will love them too.

ALLAH hafiz.

Introducing Myself Because Saying Hi! is Nice :)

Hey there! This is My first blog. So be nice guys.. 🙂

I am 20 years old student, currently enrolled in BSCS degree. I am in the phase almost everyone goes through named “i don’t wanna live in this world Anymore” and because of this thought, i decided that i need to take my feeling out in open because i am not a very expressive person and all these thoughts and feeling are kind of tangled up inside me and well Driving me insane. Ha! everyone’s story. 

So, i decided to start a blog and here i am! But I assure you this blog is not going to be something all about my feelings and stuff.. i am going to blog about random stuff from feelings to thoughts, discussions to believes, fiction to reality. There are going to be inspirational speeches and talks about unfair things (Be aware!). In short, i am going to blog about almost everything. So Read my Blog and You might find something you feel deeply connected to.. Hence the name
Random Zindagi“.

Zindagi is a urdu word which means “Life“. So i will be posting about different aspects of life. If they click! 😀 and if anyone wants me to discuss something that they can’t discuss out in the open (trust me! i know the feeling), tell me and i will try my best to help you guys out. And i will try my best to help anyone who is feeling depressed, helpless, friendless, and who needs someone to talk, to understand them, then i am It. I will be your Friend and i will help you out.. 🙂

Thank you Guys in advance. Even If you Don’t like my blog (i completely understand), make sure to check it out anyway because Hey! New Girl Here.. 🙂 and i might improve over the time. And sorry in advance about any grammatical mistakes (can’t help it. Second Language! ). Take Care guys. Love You. Ciao.


This Blog is all about My random thoughts, feelings and findings. :) So look forward to it, You may find something you feel deeply connected to.

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